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Puzzle game love archer game reviews
Judging from the actual experience, the biggest highlight of the LOVE Archer is to allow the opposite sex of different races to form a family, so that the different new races have been born. How much will become the greatest fun of the game. In order to increase entertainment, many traps and obstacles have been added to the level to prevent the opposite sex of each other together. As a love of God, in addition to archery and guiding the opposite sex, you also need to solve obstacles and traps to make lovers eventually become a love person to eventually become a love person to eventually become a love person. Family people can complete the level challenge.

On the other hand, for the racial innovation of the core content of the game, some countries in the world still have certain controversy. Although it is not injured as a religious myth or science fiction content, it will still bring some players with unsafe minds. The influence also makes it difficult for the game to promote large -scale promotion in China.
Love archer picture scene
Love Archer uses a vertical version of the 2D plane cartoon painting wind. The layout of the game is very similar to Mr. Bullet. Some animals and characters are full of rich pixels. When both creatures are shot, they will quickly gather to form a new family, thereby giving birth to new races. Collecting the race in the game is also part of your work.

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