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Attack Hole is a parkour game featuring gameplay
Attack Hole's gameplay combines action mayhem with action parkour, and incorporates some shooting elements in it. The first stage in a limited period of time to collect weapons and ammunition through the devouring game, and then in the parkour level shooting enemies, forward to explore to earn revenue. The proceeds are used to increase the length of time spent collecting guns and ammunition, expand the diameter of the black hole and make it easier to earn revenue. The game provides a wealth of weapons and equipment, from basic pistol bullets to shotgun bullets, to grenades, missiles, torpedoes and other powerful equipment, including almost all the weapons and equipment that appear in reality.

Attack Hole game highlights
Attack Hole is a fusion game that combines the cool black hole gameplay with the popular action parkour, providing players with time to devour and collect powerful firearms and ammunition. Subsequently, in the parkour level, use the powerful battle power to surge all the way, break through the many levels, face all kinds of strange and tough enemies, unleash their full strength to defeat them, and after winning, use the proceeds to enhance the attributes of the black hole, expand the diameter of the black hole, extend the collection time, and improve the efficiency of the proceeds.

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