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Wargame Merge Spider Train game review
From the actual experience, the emergence of Merge Spider Train represents that today's mobile games are about to enter a new development direction, that is, the combination of parkour, shooting and other simple, fast action gameplay and strategy, wargaming, management and other static content that requires planning, using a movement and a static to correlate the collection and consumption of resources, so as to form a movement in the The combination of the static content and the strategy and management It will not only attract players who like parkour, but also strategy game fans.

On the other hand, Merge Spider Train's slightly odd theme is not flattering, and the angular square spider image is comparable to that of a tough guy, which is really unbearable to look at. The colorful picture, each spider color scheme is unrelated to the bright. A large number of spider legs, even for ordinary users can also feel a dizzy, really is too dense.

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