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Adventure game Hyper PA features gameplay
Hyper PA adopts a text adventure choice gameplay, you will choose from two options according to your preference, either to become a qualified personal assistant, or to become a stumbling block in the boss's development path. For example, when the boss needs you to help yourself and your wife set a date location, you can choose to thoughtfully ask the boss to choose a fast food restaurant or a five-star hotel, or you can mischievously tell the boss, please go do it yourself, the old X is not waiting.

Hyper PA game highlights
Hyper PA is from the perspective of a personal assistant, experiencing the various lives as a personal person of the boss. As a qualified personal assistant, you not only need to complete all the work arranged by the boss, but also need to sort out the schedule for the boss, solve the boss's worries, as a qualified right arm, become the glue of the boss's family harmony, work smoothly and the shit-stirring stick of life happiness. You can choose to serve the boss wholeheartedly, but also can make some bad taste choice, the boss will be roasted on the fire, teasing the boss to get fun.

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