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Puzzle game DOP 4 features gameplay
DOP 4: Draw One Part follows the hand-drawn puzzle gameplay, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the level's drawings, find the missing parts of the drawings, and use your fingers to outline the required part of the shape to complete the goal and earn revenue. The game provides a relaxing and cheerful background music, so that you can get away from the disturbance of the surrounding noise while playing and get a more comfortable and immersive gaming experience. When you encounter problems, you can also choose to ask for help to solve the problem, the system will help you point the right direction.

DOP 4 game highlights
DOP 4: Draw One Part is the fourth installment of the series. I recommended the first installment of the series "DOP: Draw One Part" in May of 2020, when the cumulative downloads of this fledgling work just exceeded 1 million times. In the following 2 years or so, the game has not only gained good development, but also launched three works one after another. This recommended fourth work although the gameplay is still no major changes, but from the art, content and many other aspects have been improved.

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