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Runner Game ScaleMan Game Review
From the actual experience, ScaleMan brings players more joy instead of less after abandoning the collection element of parkour games. You don't need to rack your brain to collect props on different tracks, you just need to simply deal with the traps and crises from the track. After all, when collecting becomes a mandatory task in a parkour game, it has lost its role in bringing joy to the player, but has become a burden to the player in the game.

On the other hand, ScaleMan's overly abbreviated art content genuinely makes people feel that the game developers are not sincere. The characters are the simplest, the tracks are the simplest, the backgrounds are the simplest, the enemies are the simplest, and even the blocking brick walls and blocking trucks reveal a sense of standardized plug-ins everywhere.
ScaleMan screen scenes
The art of ScaleMan adopts the standard 3D stereoscopic style, with the standard matchmaker shape, the classic bright yellow color scheme, the blue sky and the green ground, so simple that I even thought it was a demo of the game. Break through the barriers, successfully reach the bottom of the level, transformed into the omnipotent Superman.

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