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Simulation game Makeover Studio game review
From a practical point of view, Makeover Studio: Makeup Games itself does not take up much of the game's story content, which is only presented to the player in a short dialogue before applying makeup to the character, and then rarely mentioned again. In contrast, the facial makeup process takes up most of the player's energy, with dozens of different operations, almost combining the processes of several different makeup simulation experiences into one.

On the other hand, the complicated and diverse process, single operation and repetitive details make you feel that makeup is tedious and at the same time gradually wears out the player's patience. If you are not very interested in makeup, you may not be able to pass three levels in a row, and then you will be tormented by the process and uninstall it.

Makeover Studio screen scenes
Makeover Studio: The art of Makeup Games will be beautifully crafted in 2D with a textured three-dimensional effect. The proportions of the characters in the game are very realistic, and the details of the faces are depicted from almost every pixel, blackhead or spot. Each character is plagued by bad skin before makeup, and most of them are dressed up in pajamas with loose hair to present. When the character is finished, you will see the makeup effect comparable to plastic surgery, from facial cleanup, makeup, hair accessories, accessories, and even clothing are all available, the proper ugly duckling into a sense of white swan.

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